Difference between front facing and back facing baby carrier


Baby carriers are considered to be the best options as opposed to the prams by parents these days. People who desire to be flexible and yet carry their babies around prefer baby carriers. There are a variety of baby carriers available in the market. It becomes tough for the new parents to choose the best for their kid. Each baby carrier has advantages and drawbacks. Parents should choose the one that best meets their and their baby’s requirements. The market is brimming with front facing baby carriers, back facing baby carriers, backpack style baby carriers, and many of them. They are available in a host of colors, varieties, materials, types and designs. With so many options available, parents are sure to get confused.

Front facing baby carriers

Front facing or forward facing baby carriers are those wherein the baby is tucked on the stomach of the parent and faces in the same direction as the parent while moving. This is one of the most common styles of baby carriers that both mom and dad can be seen with while carrying their baby. The front facing baby carriers come loaded with a variety of features that make sure that the baby is safe and secure while the parent is executing the work. The reason parents use front facing baby carrier is that they want the baby to become social to others. They desire their babies to learn to become forthcoming and gregarious. Front facing baby carriers help parents in such matter.

Back facing baby carriers

Back facing or rear facing baby carriers are those wherein the baby faces the body of the parent while it is being carried around. Babies love this position when he or she is traveling with the parent. Even experts recommend choosing back facing baby carriers for many reasons. This position offers support to the legs of the baby. In the front facing baby carriers, they hang around without any support, which might result in aches in that part. However, back facing baby carriers are good in this matter. The baby remains tucked to the parent while the parent is completing the work. The carrier also makes the baby feel closest to the mother in this position. Babies feel comfortable and develop a bond with the parent in backward facing position in the carriers.

Features to check in baby carriers

While baby carriers are designed to be comfortable and safe for the baby, many brands might overlook this factor while making the carriers interesting and attractive. When choosing a baby carrier, parents should make sure that it features structured and strong bucket seat. The design of the carrier should be ergonomic and offer highest comfort to the baby. With the feature of button adjustments, parents can adapt the seat to the body shape of the baby.


Nowadays, parents prefer versatile baby carriers that allow them to change the position of the baby as and when required. Whatever be the choice, the focus should be on the safety of the baby as compared to the style and graphics.

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Top 5 kids toys to buy during sale


Kids love their toys. Many of them keep their toys along with them for the entire lifetime. Hence, it is the onus of parents to choose the right toys for their kids and help them make an interesting choice. Here are the top 5 kids’ toys that can be bought during the sale as they are slightly on the expensive side. Take a look at them.

Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

This is something that the kids of the entire neighborhood will love to play with. It is an interactive swing set composed of wood to offer kids the time of their life. It features in the outdoor list of games. This Tucson set becomes budget friendly when bought during the sale. It is eco-friendly as it is manufactured using the cedar wood. It includes play deck, 8 inch slide, an interesting trapeze bar and two belt swings that have kid friendly chains. It is a full fun set. The benefit of investing in this set is that it offers physical activity to the kids. Parents of all the kids need not worry about them as they are enjoying in the compound. The swing set comes with 4 different activities that keep as many as seven kids busy simultaneously. Talking ob backyards, the children can also play with electric scooters of their choice which is quite a lot of fun for them.

VTech Tiny Touch Tablet

Tablets and mobiles are a rage among the kids. While they often leap to use the ones owned by their parents, this gadget will make them proud owners of one too. It is designed to be suited for kids between the age group of 12 to 24 months. The tablet helps the babies as well as toddlers learn alphabets, numbers, animals, object and different concepts with simplicity and ease. It is a beginner’s gadget. Featuring bright colored activity buttons that light up on use, VTech tablet comes with a roller ball playing different silly sounds, sing-along songs and many other things. This tablet will not bore the kids easily, who can explore it for hours together for fun. It is designed to be used by little hands with dimensions being 1.1023 inch in length x 5.5118 inch in width x 6.6929 inch in height. It requires 1 AA battery that is included in the package.

LEGO City Police Station Building Set

Consisting 854 pieces, the LEGO play set includes seven different mini-figures, which are three policemen, a policewoman, three crooks and a variety of accessories. LEGO is well known brand among the kids. This particular toy from the brand offers police station complete with offices, rotating radar dish, control tower, garage and opening door, helipad with roof hatch, two jail cells, four break-out windows, bed, toilet and even two surveillance cameras. In short, it is one fun activity that will keep the kids busy for many hours. Among the vehicles, there are police car, motorbike, helicopter, two side compartments, and a tow truck with a grappling hook used by crooks. In addition, it has a police dog as well. There are a host of accessories that make the entire set pretty useful and interesting.

Pre-order the Transformers

Boys love their transformers. Here is featured a set of transformer toys that needs to be pre-ordered. The kids can be bought their choice of transformers during the sale without any major investment, however. The age of extinction transformers are the favorite of the kids. The package comes with different accessories like the mask that can hold the discs, an exclusive case and many other things. Kids love the two in one autobot drift figure. The figure easily converts from the robot mode to the one with helicopter mode. It comes with 2 swords as well. Kids can change the figure in 24 steps.

Little Virtuoso Dance Hall Piano

This toy is different from the other ones. Kids love to aim their elders and when they spot a musician, they develop an interest towards their instruments as well. This piano offers the kids a chance to live the life of a concert pianist. Featuring 37 white and black keys, the piano offers great music. The instrument is available in two different colors, pink and black. It is sleek in appearance and versatile to use. Children can create different types of melodious music, background rhythms and eight kinds of instrument sounds.


Among all the toys, the favorite one will be the wooden swing set. It offers kids an opportunity to play with their friends and make the most of their summers letting the parents do their indoor and outdoor work.

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How to install a Convertible Car Seat?


Convertible Car seat is a wonderful option used by parents or guardians to protect the child in the car, while they are driving. This type of equipment helps to put the child into the position so perfect that he would not budge while the car observes jerks while driving. One of the safest convertible car seats of 2014 is the Britax Marathon G4 available in Tesla S Model. This car seat is easy to install and comfortable to use.

Installing Britax Marathon G4 in Tesla Model S

Britax Marathon G4

Britax Marathon G4

The Britax Marathon G4 can be installed both ways- in the rear facing view or in the front view. It is preferred to install the car seat in the rear view when the child is small and has lower weight and height. The same car seat can be installed front facing once the child grows and increases in weight and length.

The first step in the installation of this car seat is to adjust the seat of the car in a way that fits your child. Once the installation is made, it becomes difficult to adjust the position of the same care seat.

Although you must check the vehicle’s instruction manual about the car seat installations, the back seat of a car is perfect to install a convertible car seat. However, if the middle part of the back seat is available, it is more than perfect.

For installations which are rear faced, the straps should be tied at the shoulder level or below it. Otherwise of this is not recommended. And when the car seat is installed forwardly, the strap adjustment must be made above or on the shoulder level. The strap should be hitched properly without the possibility of leaving contact under any circumstances. It is important to make sure that the strap is not twisted and completely flat.

The Britax Marathon G4 car seat can be fitted in Tesla Model S any way- either through the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system or through the seat belt of the car. The LATCH system is much safer, reliable and easy to install, but not all vehicles or seating positions allow for a LATCH installation system. The vehicle and car seat instruction manuals need to be read in these cases. For installations which are rear facing, an angle indicator provided in most of the car seats must be used to align the car seat parallel to the ground level.

Apart from the above inputs, it is important to check from time to time, if the car seat has not moved from its position or loosened while in use. For the installations that are rear faced, make sure the angle is proper. Also, the car seat must be checked and adjusted as and when the child grows with time.

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How to Choose the Best Headphones for Traveling?


Music brings in a great sense of soothe, calmness and serenity to our ears and mind while one is out on traveling. It frees the mind from stress and several other bothering issues. By plugging in an ideal headphone the experience of traveling becomes even more mesmerizing. But in order to experience so, it is essential to possess the right kind of headphone which delivers a unique audio effect. Headphones here do not relate with those cheap earbuds or headphones that come alongwith MP3 player. Purchasing a high quality headphone would indeed enhance the experience while traveling. Explore the following steps that would aid in choosing the best headphone for traveling:

  1. Firstly, it is essential for users to decide between earbuds and headphones. Earbuds get simply plugged in the ears but do not deliver the level of music and audio quality that is experienced in headphones. Headphones can be easily placed around the neck and can anytime be dragged back when not in need.
  2. Secondly, the buyer should understand the relationship between price paid and quality received against it. There are a series of headphones available across several brands. The user needs to understand that by paying less, he or she would get an equivalent quality output. Hence, the more he or she pays in for better quality; the better would be the experience.
  3. Thirdly, user should check the intensity of sound isolation. This means that the user needs to check whether the headphones are able to eliminate the penetration of external sounds or not.
  4. Fourthly, the user must check the frequency range. Wider the frequency range better is the music. A range between 10 Hz to 25000 Hz is highly recommended.
  5. The user can go for noise cancelling headphones as well if and only if he or she is willing to spend a higher amount. These headphones further reduce the external sounds if any comes while the headphone is plugged in ear.
  6. The user must test them well prior to paying the amount. The user can visit retail outlets or can even check out on different friend’s phones. This will ensure the quality of headphones to be purchased.
  7. Lastly, after going through a detailed check of every step, the person can proceed further with the final purchase decision.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise cancelling headphones are a type of headphones that eliminate unwanted sounds, noises, etc… from the environment with the help of active noise control engineering. These types of headphones enhance the experience of hearing music. Though they are priced higher than the regular headphones, it definitely stands out in delivering excellent experience. They are slightly bulky than the regular ones. The headphones require consistent amount of recharged batteries in order to keep them functioning. With focus on quality experience, people can aim at buying noise cancelling headphones rather than the regular ones. Bose QuietComfort 15 has been rated as the best noise cancelling headphones – HeadYo for traveling. Though these may sound bit expensive but they are definitely worth your money.

We hope that you may find the perfect pair and have an enjoyable travel experience.

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